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Active Transportation Design (with Autodesk)
Parisi has teamed with Autodesk to provide state-of-the-art design capabilities for our clients. Autodesk developed this two-minute video showcasing how Parisi uses AutoCAD to plan and design active transportation projects, including Better Market Street and Safe Routes to School projects.

19th Ave./Park Presidio Transportation Plan (San Francisco, CA)
The plan is aimed at improving pedestrian crossing and sidewalk conditions, on-street parking,
and bus and traffic operations along this six-mile stretch of six-lane State Route 1.
Enhancements assessed and proposed by Parisi include medium and long-term infrastructure
projects, as well as immediate action items addressing enforcement and education.

Better Market Street (San Francisco, CA)
Parisi is leading the transportation consulting team for the Better Market Street project. The goal of the project is to reestablish Market Street into the premier cultural, civic, and economic center of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Cal Park Hill Tunnel and Pathway (Larkspur and San Rafael, CA)
Parisi co-led a study to assess the feasibility of re-opening the collapsed Cal Park Tunnel to serve
a future light rail line, as well as a multi-use pathway, between the Larkspur Ferry Terminal in
Larkspur and the Bettini Transit Center in San Rafael. Parisi also led all of the traffic engineering
design aspects of the $25 million project, which opened in 2010.

Columbia River Crossing (Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA)
The aim of the Columbia River Crossing project is to significantly improve conditions in a fivemile
corridor between Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Parisi led all
transportation planning and traffic engineering tasks for the project’s initial studies and
Environmental lmpact Statement.

Fairfax School Bicycle Boulevard (Fairfax, CA)
Parisi led the design of a school bicycle boulevard in Fairfax, California – the first of its kind in the Bay Area. The new school route connects much of the town with three local schools via special school bike route signs and thermo-plastic street pavement markings. See the project Fact Sheet and view an animated fly-through of the project.

Geary Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (San Francisco, CA)
Geary Boulevard is the most heavily used transit corridor in the northern part of San Francisco. Parisi is serving as the San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s consultant manager in evaluating the implementation of a bus rapid transit (BRT) system for this six-mile corridor.

Marin County Safe Routes to School Program (Marin County, CA)
Through education, encouragement events, and infrastructure enhancements, the Marin County Safe Routes to School program has substantially increased student walking and bicycling throughout the county. Parisi manages the program, which has received numerous awards for spearheading innovative policies and programs.

Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan (Mill Valley, CA)
Parisi led the Complete Streets planning, conceptual design tasks, and public outreach for the
Miller Avenue Plan. Several options were identified for each of the roadway’s “rooms”, where
the context and land use varies along the four-lane arterial roadway. The project is currently
under final design.

MTC Complete Streets (San Francisco Bay Area)
One of the requirements of MTC’s OneBayArea Grant program is the adoption of a Complete Street resolution. In order to guide jurisdictions in fulfilling this requirement, Parisi is providing Complete Street policy, design and engineering best practice guidance, including participating in workshops on the topic.

NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide
Parisi worked with the Alta Planning + Design team and officials from National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) member cities and consultants to develop and design the country’s first Urban Bikeway Design Guide.

National Center for Safe Routes to School
Parisi has been involved in creating several resources for the National Center for Safe Routes to School, including the Center’s on-line SRTS resource guide, with over 100 measures and case studies. In addition, Parisi participated heavily in the development of the National SR2S Workshop Program and has trained others throughout the U.S.

San Francisco Better Streets Plan (San Francisco, CA)
The Better Streets Plan creates a unified set of standards, guidelines, and implementation
strategies to govern how San Francisco designs, builds, and maintains its streets. The Plan seeks
to balance the needs of all street users, with particular focus on the pedestrian environment
and public space. Parisi served as the plan’s traffic engineering consultant.

SchoolPool Marin (Marin County, CA)
Marin’s SchoolPool program aims to connect families within a neighborhood in order to share in the duties of getting their children to and from school by walking, cycling, carpooling or using public transit. In order to facilitate the program, Parisi developed an online trip-matching system, as well as created several helpful guides.

Sellwood Bridge Project (Portland, OR)
Parisi is leading the traffic engineering for the replacement of Portland’s Sellwood Bridge and its
highway interchange, which will accommodate innovative and separated bicycle and pedestrian
facilities. The interchange will be a unique hybrid of a single-point design type, enabling
efficient multimodal operations.

Spare the Air Youth (San Francisco Bay Area)
Parisi is a partner on the San Francisco Bay Area’s Spare the Air Youth Program, a regional program that aims to educate, inspire, and empower youth and families to walk, bicycle, carpool, and take transit.

Street Smarts Marin (Marin County, CA)
Street Smarts is a public education campaign designed to improve driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist behavior in order to make our streets safer and friendlier. Parisi manages the program, which utilizes a variety of educational media, including banners, signage, flyers, brochures, and community outreach.

US 101 Greenbrae/Twin Cities Corridor Improvement Project (Corte Madera and Larkspur, CA)
Parisi is leading the transportation planning team for this multimodal corridor project,
evaluating traffic, safety, and context-sensitive solutions for a stretch of US 101, adjacent local
roadways, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The ultimate project would lessen congestion,
improve safety, and provide direct multimodal connections.

WalkBikeMarin (Marin County, CA)
WalkBikeMarin provides updates on Marin County’s diverse pedestrian and bicycle improvement projects in one location. WalkBikeMarin was catalyzed by a $25 million federal Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP) grant in 2005. Parisi has been heavily involved in the planning and implementation of several NTPP projects.

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